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August 5, 2016

15,000 Toyota 86 | 3000 Subaru BRZ recalled

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15,000 Toyota 86 | 3000 Subaru BRZ recalled

Japanese brand has announced its popular sports car needs a fix. Official news release here. Discuss this news on our here.

The safety recall affects 15,000 of the 17,000 Toyota coupes on Australian roads. Models built between April 2012 and March 2015 – which nearly encompasses its entire life span – are at risk of losing power steering due to a faulty wire harness. The fix requires the fitting of a new power steering electronic control unit and wire harness.

It also affects more than 3000 examples of the coupe.

A statement from Toyota says the electric power steering harness may interfere with a panel which contains the driver’s knee airbag.

“If this happens, there could be an electrical failure which may result in the loss of power steering,” says Toyota.

“A warning light would then illuminate on the dashboard along with a short audible warning while manual steering would be maintained.”

A statement from said: “It is important to note that even if the power assistance for the steering is lost, the vehicle retains manual steering capability. Nevertheless, Australia has decided to carry out this recall out of an abundance of caution, following notification from the factory.”

The fix will be carried out at no cost and will take about one hour. Toyota expects parts to arrive at the end of September in which time the brand will notify affected customers by mail and advise them to book a time to take it to their local dealer.

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