Toyota 86

March 10, 2013

Chief Engineer Tada San confirms supercharged & turbocharged variants are under consideration

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Chief Engineer Tada San confirms supercharged & turbocharged variants are under consideration

According to chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, is considering increasing performance by creation of a faster and more focused version of the coupe to be released later in the car’s life-cycle.

“I’ve been asked a lot about a turbocharging,” Tada told

“We are already working on a mid-life facelift for the car, and we are investigating both turbocharging and supercharging too,” he added. “But an electric motor assistance solution is also possible, and would bring benefits that forced induction does not.”

took the wraps off a conceptual convertible version of the   at the Geneva show, which is almost certain to make production. It nearly didn’t, however. “The management considered the Toyota very risky,” Tada said. “They wanted proof that the ’ coupe would hit its sales targets before they would sign off on a convertible.

“Now that they have that proof, we can begin to think about other development ideas for the car. But we must guard against compromising any of the key virtues of the standard Toyota  in the pursuit of more power.”

An electric motor assist solution, Tada suggested, could provide a substantial low-rpm torque boost for the naturally aspirated engine without affecting throttle response or compromising on fuel economy or emissions. The hybrid system would be much cheaper and simpler than the one used on the Prius economy car. The batteries, meanwhile, could be used to lower the car’s centre of gravity even further.

“Our department has found it easy to take 100kg out of the kerbweight, and have developed certain underbody fins and plates that can be employed to alter the dynamic balance of the car, to increase or reduce oversteer at medium and high speeds. They have quite a pronounced effect,” he said.

Source: autocar

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