Toyota 86

October 23, 2012

Extra 1500 Toyota 86′s here from December!

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Written by: Goran Has
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Extra 1500 Toyota 86s here from December!

According to CarsGuide, more than 1,500 extra cars will start arriving to from this December and will continue through to March next year. The extra cars will come after a high-level mission to this week to free extra supplies of high-demand cars in Australia.

“Our original allocation this year was 250 cars a month, or 1500 for the year. We’re now looking at an extra 1800 in those three months. I don’t know that the waiting time will go down dramatically. But there have been people who didn’t want to wait,” sales and marketing chief of Australia, Matt Callachor revealed to CarsGuide.

“It really depends on the model. The high-level GTS is currently out to more than four months but for the GT it could be as little as six weeks.”

The news however is not so great for anyone waiting for a . Subaru Australia have failed in their efforts to get any extra cars and the waiting lists in local dealerships now stretch to November 2013, CarsGuide report.

For further developments and to see what our members think of this great news see this thread.

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