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May 8, 2016

#FESTIVALOF86 Canberra 2016 – Review (photos & video)

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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#FESTIVALOF86 Canberra 2016   Review (photos & video)

Festival of 2016 – Sutton Road Driver Training Centre, Majura, ACT

For the first time ever the festival of 86 was held in Canberra instead of Sydney.  After going to an Iron Maiden concert the night before and going to bed later than I had planned, it was a little challenging to wake up so early in the morning, but it has been the I had been looking forward to more than any other for the past month. My good friend and colleague Goran was going to join me at this but unfortunately had to drive his father to the Airport.

I was hoping to up with a few other enthusiasts at the Liverpool Crispy Cream on the way to Canberra but had unintentionally dozed off after the alarm and woke up an hour later than I had planned.

I arrived in Canberra around 11am after two and a half hours of driving. Gates opened at 8am and the main 86 parking area at 10am. Unfortunately driving a and being so late had now started to give priority to the 86 drivers and I was asked to park my car at the alternate car park to the side and away from the main action. I was a little saddened by this but happy to be at the event. I would say that this event was better than the last two due to the stands and activities on offer by this time around.

#FESTIVALOF86 Canberra 2016   Review (photos & video)

The standouts at the event were a presentation of a unique shooting brake concept (discuss it here!) of a red 86 designed by the Australian Toyota branch. Personally I did not mind the concept but found the previous convertible or a potential , (with force induction) concept to be more exciting propositions.  I have to say that the Harrop Engineering supercharger kit looked amazingly OEM as it was designed by Toyota / from day one.

Further it was brilliant to see that the Toyota 86 Race series was doing so well and the race cars were not only on display but also giving those lucky enough to have their names pulled out of the ruffle box a chance for a hot lap with one of the series drivers. I recorded a video of this and was reminded of a hot lap that I received from Neil Bates (read that review here) at the launch of the 86 in Canberra at this very same venue with other Australian journalists in a TRD enhanced 86 with very interesting decals. It was very exciting to see Neil again looking like he was pushing his race 86 around the final corner harder than anyone else, producing a beautiful controlled slide / .

Toyota 86 Series @ #FESTIVALOF86 2016:

The second ruffle ticket gave you a chance to go on the skidpan and practice some assisted drifts. This is what this car is best known for and is always magical to watch.  Finally Toyota had setup a competition where those at the event could drive the 86 in a game and this produced a high level of competition with very close times for those in the top few spots as a number of prizes were at stake.

Tada San was once again the celebrity and star of the show and many had their photos and different car parts and shirts signed by him. Thank you for creating such an amazing car and always finding the time in your busy schedule to visit your fans from Australia.

As the last two times Toyota was generous to offer a free drink and meal for those at the event. Even though I did not eat any of the food it certainly looked delicious.

#FESTIVALOF86 Canberra 2016   Review (photos & video)

Beside taking a lot of photos of all the amazingly modified / enhanced cars I also bought a raffle tickets from the 86 & BRZ NSW Car club for my chance to win some of the great prizes they had on offer from the various club sponsors.  In addition it was great to see that the event was now supported by even more sponsors including Benjaming Chung from IXA Battle Garage (The Master Tuner), Harrop Engineering, Sprintex, Import Monster, Tunehouse, Parts Box, Ace Headers and  X-Force (Sorry if I missed anyone). As in the past prizes were also given out for cars impressing the judges in different categories including, best interior, best exterior, best stance, best engine bay etc.

I am looking forward to attending the festival of 86 in 2017. Hope to see you all there again!

~ Oliver Trako

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