Forum Moderator Application

Dear Enthusiasts,

For a short time we are looking for forum moderators that will help us manage our Forums. The moderators will have a special moderator avatar and ability to moderate topics and posts within their forum. Further they will have direct correspondence with the site owners and will be able to directly influence decisions made about the way that this community website grows in the future.

A good forum moderator will:

  1. Respond to topics that need help and support.
  2. Moderates the forum by moving, locking, deleting spam and abusive comments, banning abusive users etc.
  3. Not tolerate users who do not follow the rules.
  4. Sticky great posts, and makes guides and interesting threads to encourage community posting.
  5. Lead by example and encourage a friendly and happy forum community.
  6. Try to use correct grammar and spelling at all times.

To apply please fill in the form below (limited places and a rare opportunity whilst the forum is new). Good Luck and looking forward to working with you.

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