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Discuss Toyota 86 - First Drive GT86.com.au Forum Member Reviews at the Toyota 86 / GT 86 within the Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S Forum and Enthusiasts Community; I will paste all the first drive Toyota 86 forum member reviews by you guys ...
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    Toyota 86 - First Drive GT86.com.au Forum Member Reviews

    I will paste all the first drive Toyota 86 forum member reviews by you guys into this thread so that we can easily find the reviews. I will ensure the reviews are credited to your name and linked to your review thread. Cheers.

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    By: Ches- Reviewed on 18 June 05:23 PM - My first impressions...

    My first impressions...

    I had my test drive this morning My local dealer got 2 demo cars, a manual and an auto, both GT-spec.

    First impressions of the 86 GT is that it's a good looking car, even with the 16" wheels. The red car they had looked much better than the dark blue one that i drove however. It's not the most muscular or imposing of cars though, it doesn't have the presence of a Z or a TT, that's for sure. It's slightly feminine, i feel.

    Open the looooong door and step somewhat awkwardly over the wide sill and things take a turn for the worse. At least aesthetically. The plastics used in the GT are hard and ugly, think five-year-old Echo or Hyundai, and there's acres and acres of drab grey. The heater controls feel and look cheap, as does the drab and hard to read speedo. The big centre tacho is nice though. The head unit appears to have been pulled from a light-commercial.

    Here's hoping the GTS i've ordered is nicer! The pics here seem to indicate that i will be, with more colour, better textures and upgraded controls and visuals.

    But get over the look of the interior and things are brighter. The seating position is top-notch, along with the supportive, grippy seats. The controls all fall to hand well, and nothing feels cramped or out of place. There's cupholders in the doors and centre console. The pedals are nicely spaced, and the handbrake is well positioned. Steering wheel mounted stereo controls are sadly absent, though there is a rather tacked-on looking cruise control stalk.

    Actually start the thing and it's a mixed bag. The sound is unremarkable at idle or part throttle. Pin it to the floor and it gets oddly loud, with lots of induction noise piped into the cabin, and not much exhaust noise. It's begging for a louder muffler, if not a whole system.

    Forward progress is downright glacial under 5 grand, and there's a definite flat-spot around 4000 rpm. It feels a bit like turbo lag, only without the pay-off. The car i drove was virginal though, with only 8 kilometres on the clock, so it was bound to feel a bit tight. Perhaps with a few more clicks it will loosen up a little?

    The gearshift is sublime. Nice short throws, with a satisfying mechanical feel. The steering too is excellent, particularly coming from my MY11 WRX with its numb tiller. Ride is much, much better than expected, feeling more controlled than my Subaru and somehow simultaneously more compliant as well. Body roll is virtually non-existent, at least around town.

    My test drive was around north suburban Melbourne at lunchtime, so my opinion on dynamics will have to wait, sadly. What little taste i had makes me yearn for a chance to hit the twisties out in the Yarra Valley though. It feels planted and confidence inspiring, but only time will tell for sure...

    Overall i was left feeling a little flat, it *really* needs more grunt. But i'm hopeful that on the right road it will make more sense than it did in suburban traffic...

    Anybody else had a go? Most dealers in Melbourne should have their cars today, i believe.

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    By: 777 - Reviewed on 18 June 08:54 AM - 86 - Finally Test Driven

    86 - Finally Test Driven

    Finally, the day arrived to view and test drive the 86.

    The car externally looks great in GTS spec. Far better than photos are able to convey.The GTS interior is spot on.

    Unfortunately, the demo 86 was an auto, and the salesperson went along for the test drive as well.
    Bearing these 2 factors in mind, I couldn't carry out a 'proper' test drive.
    It felt precise and agile in the steering and handling department, but I can't comment on engine performance.

    On the way back from the test drive, the salesperson commented that a GT & GTS (both sold) had just arrived at the dealership.
    So off we went and compared the two physically, side by side.
    The differences are night and day. The interior of the GT is a sea of black plastic, and looks like it was designed
    by someone from a cheap car company 15 years ago. The wheels on the GT have a 1970's look to them....

    I was going to purchase the GT unseen. But after comparing the two, I'm glad I didn't!

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    By: omgwtfbbqsauce- Reviewed on 22 June 08:57 AM - http://gt86.com.au/forum/f16/heres-my-86-review-322//

    Here's my 86 review

    Ok, so I only had 10 minutes of test driving on a manual GT but heres my 2 cents.

    Driving position
    First got onto the car and driving position which was already set needed a huge adjustment. Once adjusted though it felt GREAT it was far better than any other car I have driven so far!
    Bucket seats holds very well and snug while also very comfortable

    On the road
    When I first turned the key the car wouldnt start, it had to have the clutch fully depressed before it would turn on so then I stepped the clutch and immediately felt the clutch VERY Light abit too light I wasnt even sure I even clutched the car in or not. I have never driven any cars with a light clutch before, friction point was pretty high up so I had to readjust my seat back alittle further back because of this but nothing too extreme it still felt great. As I drove it out of the dealership the car felt firm but not uncomfortable, it was actually alot more comfortable than my RX-8 and you also sit pretty low.

    Gave the car the beans out of the traffic light and my GOD the car sound AWESOME! I did not expect the car to sound this good! YouTube videos/reviews does not do the engine note any justice IMO. The car felt fast for a 200hp car maybe because it was so light. Car takes off very nicely and does not feel heavy at all, steering was precise but didnt get to turn all that much during the test drive and I cant really comment too much about that.

    Overall the car was fantastic it gave me great feedback, sound, driving position and was pretty comfortable overall. You really cant enjoy much of the drive for a test drive for 10 minutes and really I wish I had it longer.

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    By: fibrewizard- Reviewed on 22-25 June 02:32 PM - todays Test drive, 22/6/12

    todays Test drive, 22/6/12


    so a more detailed write up on what i thought,
    now i am not attempting to do a professional write up,


    I drove a black gt manual, and we all know how great this car looks, and from every angle in the flesh it is just as great as the pictures, ***y angles and styling, tuff looking car, Small about the same as the celica's, corolla sedans,

    first thing i notice when i sat in it, is the comfort of the seats, felt firm and comforatable as hell, seating position is great, and seat position is low, plenty of leg room i am 185 cm tall and i still have plenty of head room for wearing a helmet,

    shifter position is very comfortable and ergonomic, dash finish and fitting looks good, all buttons and dials felt firm and sturdy, the double din stereo head unit looks and sounds good,

    Passenger leg room, front, plenty and comfortable with no back seat passenger's, wife was in passenger front and 4yr on back seat passenger side, with front seat forward to allow leg room for back seat child, made cramped leg room for front passenger, and forced knees into dash, glove box, so most definately not a passenger friendly trip car,
    with taller backseat passengers seat will have to come forward quite a bit to allow leg room, making driving and front seat passenger cramped and uncomfortable,

    View.. whilst driving i didnt really notice any major blind spots, the view while driving seems clear and un-restricted, (However i never parked or drove in a tight/crowded enviroment) so city driving i cant comment on,

    the side rear view mirrors gave a great angle of the rear pumped gaurds, and good view in interior rear mirror. and judging the distance of the front of the car will take some getting used to as you cant see much of the forward half of bonnet from seating position.


    clutch engages high in the pedal travel, and feels like a firm engagement, reverse gear will take some getting used to for those that drive 5 sp manuals, as you lift lever with fingers when in neutral and reverse gear is selected far left and up, so quick reverse selection will be hard or take alot of getting used to,
    shifting gears is firm and feels very solid, engagement is smooth, shifter is short and positioned very well,

    Suspension, is firm without being harsh so you feel the road surface and little bumps, while the bigger bumps are also a little firmer but not harsh and backbraking. there is very little bodyroll in regular daily driving duties that i noticed, even loading up the suspension by weaving produced minimal bodyroll.

    Steering, is responsive and very solid, feedback is quick and smooth no fighting the wheel or white knuckle gripping, the car tracked well on un-even road surface and was easy to hold in a straight line without much steering input,

    over all the ride is very comfortable and firm, responsive and smooth

    the power of the engine, i was a little dis-satisfied with the lack of kick in torque, the power was smooth and wide throughout the rev range but i wanted/expected more, perhaps it is a run-in-tune, or just because i hopped out of my V6 modified celica before i stepped into the 86, creating that perception, there is enough power to have a great deal of fun and sideways action, it doesnt feel super fast but powering through the gears and i looked down to see the needle at 150, so it definately goes very well, ratios are short and i found myself changing gear more often the i do in other 5 sp cars, but that is the fun of driving, changing gears is the whole point of getting a manual and it definately gives me the feeling of driving,

    if i have missed anything that you would like to hear about, let me know,

    this was my experience, and a tame drive due to having passengers, but it definately gave me something to look forward to and certainly inspired me to buy so i can give it more stick and have some fun,

    overall i feel its a great car that did bring me the feeling of driving and enjoying the drive, i felt safe and comfortable, solid, sporty, firm, responsive........

    thanks for reading i hope your driving experience is just as good if not better,
    this will be the first car i have ever bought brand new and i am glad that after driving it i am so excited and anticipating having it sitting in my driveway, LOVE IT.......


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    By: Dave- Reviewed on 25 June 07:01 PM - GT Manual Test Drive/Thoughts/Massive Rambling Story of true love's first sight :p

    GT Manual Test Drive/Thoughts/Massive Rambling Story of true love's first sight

    PART 1:

    Hi all, thought I'd chime in with my lil (ha ha ha) review. Maybe someone out there is interested in the same things I was, and maybe this'll help em out, maybe it'll be an entertaining read, or maybe it'll be too long and no-one can be bothered... cie'st la vie, I think the internet can handle one more opinion.

    Who am I? I'm an old school ricer and automotive sad-case. I buy and read mechanical engineering books to unwind on weekends, nuff said. My most sporting car to date is a modified S13 silvia, bought in the peak of the grey import craze, much loved and still sitting in the garage, but not taken out much as it is a bit ostentatious for me these days. Since then it's been a old school merc, bit of a sleeper but spends most of the time just wafting around, I've finally gotten the lead foot out of my system, and am very happy to save up all the passion for the track.

    So with the silvia getting on, the hype about the 86 growing, I've been spending my time watching and reading, Tada-san is a bit of a hero, but I hate subaru engines. Deep down I'm deeply conflicted about the 86, a small toyota rwd with a sluggish boxer? If they get so close and miss it'll be twice as bad as if they didn't try at all. No way am I putting money down without a proper test drive.

    The 86 is released, I call through for a test drive, and organise to stop by after work. The second I step out of the office it's lighting and hail, the trains stop running, maybe it's a sign. I'm stranded at the office, so I call in a favour with my mum, and end up arriving at the dealership in the middle of a storm, a 30yr old being driven by his mum in her Mazda 2... to his credit my sales guy managed to keep a straight face. The car was out of the dealership on a test-drive, so I was taken to a pretty rough little table and dodgy chairs, but the salesman offered my much suffering mum a coffee so he was alright in my book. I was given a phamplet with pretty pictures and a few facts I'd already obsessively researched and then told they had absolutely no more info they could give me, not even a parts list, so we waited.

    Surprisingly quietly I noticed an orange car move past the window, how many orange Toyota's can there be in the current range? That must be it! Surely enough I was ushered out the door. It was lightning and pouring rain, and I wasn't interested in testing a sportscar in that muck, but as night rolled in and we walked around the side of the dealership it was a hell of a sight to behold as it hunkered down amongst the landcruiser behemoths in the carpark. Low and swoopy, a long bonnet with its cabin well back, much like the 2000gt and e-types of old. A front end that looked like it grew out of the tarmac beneath it led up over the wheel arches, then over the raked windscreen to the beautifully designed pagoda roof. Then the lines rolled down the back of the car to finish with a gently upturned ducktail.

    The rain was pounding so I asked for it to be moved into the workshop. As it backed it I noticed the exhaust note, quiet and civilised but sporty. Then as it picked up the light from the overhead fluros the rain drops started to glisten, showing the lines... this was a very, very pretty car, and here amongst the hoists and engine stands of the workshop it was in its element. Small, low, ready to the finessed over then rolled out to a track. I opened the door and climbed in. Good lord its a long way down, making old man grunts I slid down into the seat. I was well cocooned, the seat supportive, the door sill rather high. The steering wheel fell to hand, small but solid, my hand dropped naturally to the gear shifter... nicely designed. The steering wheel adjusts up/down, forward/back allowing me to position it up close and high for tight control, or far away and low for cruising. The pedals were roomy... surpringingly roomy! I waved my size 14 clod hoppers around down there and nothing fouled them! I ended up having to lift them an inch or so before I found the bottom of the dash... very nice and a first for me in a Japanese sports car! The interior was pleasant... no unneccesary luxuries... focused, a place with purpose. The stereo and climate controls could easily be called a bit tacky, but I knew it'd be the GT spec for me, the wheel, pedals, shifter and handbrake where the important part of this equation, as long as the others keep making noise and blow hot/cold air when I want them too they wont even register and I already am making plans on where to spend the 4 grand elsewhere.

    The saleman and his manager pressured and pressured for a test drive but it wasn't gonna happen in that muck. So I booked in a test for that Saturday, and went home to check my finances and pray for good weather... Man I've typed a lot need a break.

    PART 2:

    Alright, part 2. The drive. And you thought the looking at the thing dragged on to long .

    I'd spent the couple of nights beforehand doing sums... and with a tax "situation", massive HECS debt and a very poorly planned mortgage, with a refinance and novated lease I'll actually come out $2 better off a fortnight with the car than I am right now... score! There's some very complicated maths going on back there, and I've dug myself into a right old hole financially so your novated lease results may differ, but if your looking for a good guy I can recommend Yul from Paradigm Total Salary Solutions. Knows his stuff and more importantly, he gets the 86. Anyways an early start is on the cards, 9:30 test drive, so I crash at the old ladies house after work to be closer to the dealership, and stay up way too late double checking my sums.

    Dawn breaks on a crisp clear morning, Perth had been having the coldest days in several decades recently and as I walk out to the car I'm leaving footprints in the frost on the lawn. Reminds me of nearly 14 year ago to the day when I was getting my pilots licence, striding accross the airfield in the early morning waiting to see what I've gotten myself in for. Cranking up the cars heat I head over the dealership with mum and now my Uncle in tow, this is a car that attracts a crowd even before you've bought it! As we pull up I notice an empty space looking suspiciously 86 sized out the front. Sure enough the car isn't there, but worse still it's not even at the dealership, its down at the sister dealership today. I call up sister and the brother law (more keen onlookers) and tell them if they wanna look they're gonna need to detour. So we all load up and head out to the next dealership.

    In the clear morning the car is still impressive. It doesn't quite have the drama of the night before, but still a pretty little thing. As I rock up the sister and brother in law have beaten me, and he's already clambering inside for a closer look... a very popular car indeed. We mill around discussing the car for a little while, we all agree the boot is useless. We've all heard the room for four tyres, but what they dont mention is it's the height of one. If you go deep dish I think you'd struggle to fit one in. I climb in and adjust the seat, at 6'2 and sitting comfortably I've got roughly 5mm of rear leg room. Needing to investigate further I ask the brother in law if he wants to tag along. At 6'4 in the passenger seat and with the salesman squeezing about 5'8 into the back seat we fit... albeit some of us diagonally. Alright I can drive two mates home from the pub, but there's only room for one if we're driving down south to a race track, tick that box.

    Be a bit mean to kick em all out for the drive so we head off over the lawn to a driveway... this is not a car for curb hopping. Still as we roll onto the footpath theres no jarring... I know I'm going over it but we still have teeth. I pull onto the driveway at an awkward angle to the road, but visibility is good, I can see both lanes and wait for my gap. Pulling out again I notice the suspension is firm but not jarring. Foot full of go pedal and let out the clutch, whoops over revved and neck snap... damn that's a high clutch point. Through to redline, again another head snap, that pedal will take some getting used to, but in the cabin the noise change from a murmur to a sweet revving engine and finshing of at a howl... but a civilised one at that. Reports from the vergeside later though that I passed the notoriously difficult parental noise test in flying colours... not too shabby for red lining it!

    Back in the car I'm noticing the power delivery now... there's no surge to the delivery, Idle-1500 its floating upside down in the bowl, 15-35 its happily paddling about, Quietly doing its thing, 35-55 its getting the lead out and giving a sweet howl, 55 to redline... well image a little goldfish setting itself on fire, howling to the moon while it launches itself from its bowl to scorch across the room with its tail on fire... but in a civilised, non-offensive manner. Weirdest analogy ever? Don't ask me where it came from, pretty sure its got something to do with that velocity orange paint job... But what about the note? Well I'm presently surprised, its not the traditional subie "overworked tractor" put put put. There's a hint of boxer mixed with the classic 4age scream... not to shabby.

    So what's it going to take from the lights? Well its gonna struggle against a company car spec v6 Commodore... A fortuitous red light and a young fellow in a Imprezza was enough to show me this is not a drag car... its not bad, but well I'm not a new comer to the game, and this is going to be the slowest car I've owned in near enough to a decade. Coupled with an engine that pushes you up through the rev range like a subie, rather than a screaming classic toyota inline four racing ahead of you and drags you behind it, always trying to skitter higher up the rev range, this engine pushes... its power swells and you ride a top of it gaining speed... unfortunately I'm a huge fan of mad assed revvy little toyotas like the AE86, and the most important part is missing... Hrmm well the performance is acceptable, and this car is supposed to be about being fun without having to do 200 km/h... plus I need a new commuter anyway, so I push on with the test. A few more lights and I'm getting the feel of the clutch, now I'm starting to enjoy it, a quick tap on the clutch for a shift rather than all the way down and back again... moving off from a stand still still requires a lot of travel before it bites though. Tricky to launch... I'll figure it out, but this is a clutch designed for racing, not dragging. The brake is high... unusually high, under light braking I've really got to roll my foot to get a heel-toe blip. Odd, thought the car would be all about it, but at the next lights I wait and brake harder, and as the pedal travels down suddenly the throttle begins to line up again... ahh another nod to the track... i get it . With the sales agent in the back I give a quick turn around for a grin and a wink... trying to keep his eyes up while my hand snakes over to the traction and stability control switches down behind the gearstick.

    First corner, have to slow too much while checking for oncoming traffic and I find myself shifting mid corner, the car keeps its poise but its off the boil and bogging a little coming out the other side... never mind, the corner I'm waiting for is just ahead, a long left hand sweeper of an on-ramp. No traffic to worry about and plenty of room to move. Down shift once, twice, revs are up there, turn in leaving a bit of room from the apex as I'm still feeling the car out, and it's off the brakes to balance her on the throttle. The weight transfer is fantastic, best I've ever encountered, she rides road imperfections whilst keeping the balance, minimal body roll... wow I'm liking this and confidence grows. My left foot moves to the brake and I load up the front a little more, transfer is smooth, I'm just rolling the weight around, playing with it... well this is new! I increase throttle pressure again and I feel the horizontal load increasing, we're at limit and then all of the sudden I notice myself winding on a little opposite lock automatically... that cant be right, have we transitioned to oversteer? I just ramped up to the limit then gently transferred over... I was expecting it, but where was the breakaway? The sudden winding on of lock? I lift off, and suddenly the engine makes sense. It's not a turbo unspooling, leaving me with nothing and a back end snapping in, and it isn't a cammy four, needing me to meticulously mind the rev range incase I fall into a dead zone. It increases the power like its adding gentle pressure, and removes it in the same way. I'm speechless... this can't be happenning... not in a stock car, so I floor it, and the outside loads again, transitions smoothly into drift and the back end steps away properly this time as I wind on the lock. The salesman in the back starts squeaking so again I lift, and wind back the lock, and again we smoothly regain traction, but by this point I'm starting to tear up a little.

    I've spent a long time and a lot of money looking for handling like that, I've built cars that step out easy, cars that grip, I've driven porsches that have much higher limits, but overstep them and bite back, needing nerves of steel to risk it and tame it. Never have I had this rollable balance... The car is a finely honed tool... the right tool for the job is never alarming to use, perhaps it isn't the fastest, but this is a corner and I'm sitting in the right tool for the job. I start thinking about the old man, he passed away nearly a decade ago but he was an engineer and a car fan... and if we meet up again one day, this is the car I know he'd want me to bring along so he could see how it's put together. There's magic in that chassis, and its all real magic, no evo computers realligning power outputs... this is engineering, the perfect engine and chassis matchup... in a 30 grand car. I'm done, the car is sold, I need to get this thing into a garage and find out what is making it tick. Thoughts are rushing through my head... modification is going to be a minefield, the slightest thing could ruin it. There are no gaping flaws, its not the fastest thing out there, but it's the whole handling package. More power might make the delivery too rushed, Stiffer springs might destroy the transfer, a different brand of tyre might be too vicious in its transition... there's so much work to do. I need to learn so much before I'm going to even dare change a thing. Mind reeling, but decision made I continue on testing what I came here for.

    At the end of the ramp I notice I'm passing 140... oopsy, the engine mightn't gallop away on ya, but now I can appreciate its steady swelling power delivery in the mid corner, whilst steady... theres a lot of it... think I remember something about 220km/h but that'll have to wait for the track. I pull in behind a truck. Right lets check out the cruise control... push the on button... nope losing power, oh push down to set... hrmm two button pushes seem a little unneccesary, but this should help when I'm cruising down to collie motorplex and a very nice licence saving feature on a base model car. Fourth gear, bit of noise, up to 6, revs drop to 1,500ish and the cabin is quiet as the grave... that'll be nice on the commute. Oops trucks slowing down... someone wants to see the car that's pulled in behind him methinks , happy to oblige so its a downshift to fourth, easy unobstructed look over the shoulder, indicate, and I nip around the truck in an easy and lazy pass in a 100 zone. Then it's back off the freeway, and braking down the offramp, heel-toeing easily now I know the amount of brake needed.

    I come to a stop at the end, waiting to turn onto the next road, and when traffic clears I pull out in second, testing the torque all the way through. Oooh sluggish, but no death rattles or lurching, it doesn't like it but it doesn't complain. Then one last corner, driving gently in the high gears in 60km/h traffic. No noise, enough power to do what needs to be done and back into the dealership driveway.

    Well that's it, 30 grand for a chance to find out how tada san did it? Bargain. I understand now why theres no turbo version... only base and interior luxury options... some people will drag these cars, some will need maximum grip, but tada-san has built the right tool for the job, and that job is a sports car. An hour later I was signed up and in for the longest wait of my life. Getting on a bit, dark grey spec plz, the idea of pedalling a nitro fueled goldfish apeals but I'm a bit old and fat to have my head sticking out of a car that colour. Truthfully I think the auto's ability to free up the left foot will make it faster mid corner but I cant resist having the option to tickle a clutch. And a GT for me, I've got too much tinkering and learning to do with this one, the money is needed elsewhere in the car and I don't want to worry about breaking nice things while I'm clambering around. Job dun.

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    By: cheekydonkey- Reviewed on 10 July 12:55 AM - GT86 FINAL Evaluation

    GT86 FINAL Evaluation

    For the past 14 days that I have been driving the car with enthusiasm, It comes to this conclusion. The car is absolutely brilliant. Forget about what you read in magazines, youtube, car reviews and such… In real life, it drives far better than that! I have driven the car to the snow, long distances, mountain passes and city driving, and in every driving condition, may it be snow, rain, or dirt, the car is a very solid and reliable just like any other Toyota.. The driving feel is exactly what it is: RAW.

    It won’t break any speed records but it is the fun and feedback that you get when you chuck the car into corners. You just point the nose, hold on, play with the throttle and countersteer, and alas! You are in and out of a corner! You don’t need to wrangle the steering wheel to squeeze the performance. The car has a slow but progressive momentum when you break rear wheel traction—so good that you don’t need the reflexes of an F1 driver to catch the car, the car is so predictable that you can easily control it either with the steering or throttle inputs.. It’s just very neutral!

    I have discovered a few issues with the car, mainly a bit of flex in the doors when you load the front tyres, windscreen whiteout in 2 seconds (happened to me a couple of times). Brake fade is real after a few runs up and down a mountain. Tank is too small, 50 liters only.. and recently, EPS overheat! Haha.. after a few hours o f climbing up and down a mountain in wet roads and rain, the EPS light came on! Haha.. but all these, I have reached the possible OEM components’ limit.. BUT its okay! Because there are a lot of solutions to fix these minor issues.

    In conclusion, my driving holiday is over…I drove nearly 5,000 kms now..and I am back in my old job, with a big grin. I did not tell my workmates what I was doing, because they will think I am mad. (they are right). The car will now start its job as an A to B vehicle…. And probably spend 95% of it’s life in city traffic. NOW, this is where everyone who owns a GT86 finds a cross road. Some would like to keep it stock, and some will modify, some will go TURBO from here, and some I don’t know if they get their car in 3 months.. I don’t know.. BUT what I do know, is that I am going to modify the car in a very sensible manner. My choice from here on is: Lighter 16” wheels.. Yes 16” it has a thicker sidewall and has a better compliance and gives the suspension dampers to react… Lightweight Carbon grooved brakes.. still 177mmx 24 and 286x10mm.. GT86 OEM numbers should be the same.. as my target is to keep the stock measurements and configurations BUT getting lighter components to lessen unsprung weight.. I’d like to get one of those Beilsteins that GMBH is developing for the GT86. It will be out soon… NO body modifications for me whatsoever. In a few months. Stereo, back seat, and Aircon will soon come out of the car… A lighter flywheel to further improve engine response.. All this, is preparation for the 5% of the life of the car.. Which is the track! Thank you Toyota for this automotive blank canvass!!!

    Follow up:

    I waited more than a year for this car, I had to research every single component and possible sensible modification pathway by trawling quietly on those japanese forums! (I used to live in japan for 6 years, so I can read and speak japanese a bit). I had to be patient and had to research almost everything about the car. The Aussie Spec GT86 is lighter by about 46 kgs than the GTS86. The GT86 is much closer to the RC (stripped-out model in Japan). If the RC model came to Australia, I would have jumped on that one. The GT86 uses the same instrument cluster with the RC, the same boring buttons with the RC, the same brake size, the same boring cloth seat covers. The only difference between an RC model and the GT86 are as follows (please tell me if i forgot something): 1. The GT86 has added basic aircon (not a fancy dual climate control), the bumpers are color matched to the body, as well as the side mirrors, the wheels in the GT86 are 16" alloys, they added an industrial type car radio (i only use it to answer calls), red colored strip on the seats..AND HELLO! The GT86!

    Because I was closely following the Japanese forums, the closest way to an RC model for me was the GT86! Even if they priced the GT86 on par with the GTS86, I will still buy the GT86! people might think i'm a little bit funny up the head--- NOT so, because more than a few motoring journalists actually thought that the GT86 is a touch better than the GTS86 in terms of balance, driveability and precision! SO, it actually confirmed my suspicions-- Even our Japanese Ninja brothers out in Nagoya are starting to go 16" wheels with a little thicker sidewall!

    So 3-4 months of waiting for some folks is better than my more-than-one -year in research and late night chats with a drunk japanese mechanic! haha. BUT i'm going to rub it in, I deserve this car, because i really planned how to get it, and I planned way ahead on what to do with it... People might be thinking im in the honeymoon stage with the car.. actually, after 5,000 kms, the real improvements will start pouring in!! SO Boys and girls, the way it drives now, is just brilliantly fun, but I am going to make this car feel a hellalot better!

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
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