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  1. Front pipe decat resonated invidia or HKS ?
  2. JDM Quickshifter review
  3. oil cooler and oil Pressure
  4. Engine resonating/pulsing sound at 2500rpm?
  5. Harrop TVS1320 SUPERCHARGER
  6. GOS//The Mix of Toyota 86 w/GO-Sheng Exhaust&Intake System
  7. Need an opinion - yes another exhaust thread, sorry...
  8. Calling all EcuTEK owners - and potential new-comers!
  9. [HELP] Invidia N1 Cat back Exhaust suit Toyota GT86 Ti Tips
  10. Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger system
  11. Shortcut for newbies - Help!
  12. Stock Rom on 2012 86 GTS
  13. DIY EcuTek Tuning - Looking for clarity
  14. Headers!
  15. Throttle Happy Tuning Solutions
  16. Tune/exhaust recommendation please?
  17. GT86 Scarles Turbo Kit.
  18. raceseng revo pulley kit s2 + pst carbonfibre driveshaft
  19. Who says the 86 needs more power?
  20. Deep sounding cat-back to suit catless UEL headers
  21. Harrop supercharger
  22. Sprintex vs HKS Supercharger
  23. Strut Tower Bar that fits Sprintex/Innovate Supercharger
  24. Oil Cooler Install with Intercooled Supercharger (Sprintex/Innovate)
  25. Basic Bolt on Mods intake/exhaust tuning guide for BRZ GT 86
  26. Anyone with Xforce header?
  27. OST for Catted Headers Auto Car
  28. Yet another OFT upgrade that breaks the Logging
  29. Intermittent Hesitation 5000RPM to 6000RPM
  30. Error in Open Flash 2.062 OTS Stage 2 UEL E85 tune
  31. Is chasing knock such a good idea
  32. Exhaust choice poll
  33. MAF debunked
  34. Exhaust noise
  35. Avo stage 1 kit on the way what else would be beneficial.
  36. Which kit makes the most power FI
  37. Greedy evo 3 cat back topic dyno results
  38. Thoughts on these headers?
  39. 2JZ Conversion advice
  40. Engineering FI mods
  41. Sprintex Supercharger
  42. E85 question
  43. magnaflow catback vs axleback nameless
  44. What brake pads
  45. Carbon fiber/aluminium drive shaft
  46. Group buy cusco diff brace eoi
  47. What tuner do you use
  48. Equal length vs un equal length
  49. Open Flash Tablet - Tips Tricks and FAQ
  50. Milltek/nameless exhaust info wanted good tuner?
  51. Techstream Dealer Software - diagnostics -ecu code reset -change vehicle parameters
  52. ECU logging -the basics what to look for
  53. F/S Pioneer AVIC 8000NEX.$650/Alpine X008U.$800/Kenwood dnn991hd.$600
  54. Tuning your BRZ GT 86 & Updating your ROM to latest factory firmware calibration
  55. Anyone selling Milltek Overpipe in Australia?
  56. Cosworth FA20 Stage 1 Power Package Launch.
  57. Factory FA20 Turbo
  58. TRD high response muffler...
  59. FA20 Teardown & Evaluation
  60. Fa20club still waiting
  61. CAI & Nameless or Perrin front pipe paired with stock headers/overpipe/catback
  62. Platinum vs iridium spark plugs
  63. Custom exhaust?
  64. Reputable dyno tuners in melbourne?
  65. K and N Drop In Filter
  66. Tactrix ECUFlash
  67. Greddy Evo 3 Catback
  68. PST Carbon fibre Driveshaft
  69. ROM files
  70. An intake that actually works
  71. ECU Tuning via Samsung S4
  72. TRD Muffler?
  73. open flash tablet from vishnu
  74. Oil Cooler
  75. OpenFlash Tuning Tech: Tales from the Dyno (Stock, Ecutek and OpenFlash tunes)
  76. Perrin exhaust
  77. unichip
  78. Gt86 AVO catback from carmodsaustralia
  79. Subaru BRZ GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit T518Z {Video ; Spooling , Photos of Fitment , DYNO}
  80. OpenFlash Tablet
  81. Supercharging problems
  82. weapons grade
  83. Stage 3 For Toyota FRS Performance Chip
  84. FA20CLUB Unequal Length Header NA & Turbo Compatible
  85. electric supercharger
  86. Discuss Mid pipes
  87. http://www.willallracing.com.au/wr86.htm - I am very interested in this
  88. Which Cold Air Intake should i buy? and Where? (In Australia ONLY)
  89. Sprintex install and tuning thread
  90. Jun B.L from Exhaust Technology SA
  91. Borla UEL headers w/stock exhaust VIDEO
  92. Apps for the ECU
  93. Question about exhausts
  94. TRD Intake
  95. M7 T-Titan Exhaust
  96. MRT E85 tuning
  97. Catback exhaust install question
  98. Shaving 5 seconds off from your laptime.
  99. Fa20club turbo kit dyno results are in...5.3psi=impressive
  100. cusco 86/frs/brz accelerator pedal
  101. 15000/9 month service
  102. FA20CLUB 4-1 Modular Header.....Turbo Manifold DYNO TESTED
  103. FA20Club Modular 4-1 Header & Turbo Manifold
  104. Xforce varex sports exhausts does anyone have one fitted to their brz or gt86
  105. Un Equal Headers
  106. Tuning/Moding without voiding warranty?
  107. Adroid Head Unit Multi System Integration
  108. 2JZ Engine swap or just mod?
  109. Has anyone seen an exhaust that wil generate more power than a ECU tune?
  110. Pro cable, LOAN or RENT, now available
  111. Sprintex Supercharger Sneak Peak!!!
  112. Another tuning option now available brzEdit
  113. 86/BRZ to get factory supported telemetry!
  114. Limitations of AUTO gearbox
  115. Justkiz's first performance tune
  116. GT86 Electric Steering Wheel Tuning
  117. aFe Takeda intake system
  118. Catless Front Pipe with Stock Exhaust - thoughts and how to check leaks?
  119. 350HP Scion FR-S (US version of the 86) on the latest episode of Tuned
  120. temperature extremes
  121. Wilwood Brake Bias Adjuster
  122. Exhaust mod performance figures
  123. Style of exhaust system for the 86 / BRZ
  124. Flex fuel active tune now available E85 - and more, no more draining tanks!
  125. X-Force Cat Back Available Jan 2013
  126. Who's adjusted their clutch?
  127. Muffler Delete
  128. TRD dual tip exhaust
  129. Supersprint exhaust system for 86 / BRZ
  130. TD04 Turbo on BRZ?
  131. Hidden VSC mode
  132. TRD Supercharger Confirmed at SEMA
  133. Making a modified car roadworthy / legal?
  134. Test Pipe / Cat Removal
  135. Australian developed header exhaust system
  136. Base line dyno figure (dynapak Hub dyno)
  137. Perrin Exhaust Vid
  138. ECU Reflash or Chip Tuning?
  139. Worlds fastest BRZ just got faster !
  140. AVO Turbo Kit - Discuss.
  141. Tenko Turbo at the V8 Supercars Eastern Creek
  142. Accelerated Performance Turbo BRZ and FR-S Dyno Runs
  143. Accelerated Performance Turbo Automatic FR-S
  144. EcuTek RaceROM Launch Control for BRZ FT86 and FR-S
  145. Performance video on the track
  146. ARC back to there best.....
  147. Western Australia Tuners Group
  148. Air Intakes
  149. First Oz dyno data stock Vs ECU tune
  150. engine swap?
  151. Factory ECU Tuning
  152. Love the looks but not the sound
  153. spare tyre vs Puncture/goo Kit
  154. Aussie BRZ supercharger kit?!
  155. Subaru upper engine cleaner part no. SA459 and fuel additive (part no. SA712)
  156. Compression reduction kit and force induction
  157. First Mods to Car
  158. How often do you service your car?