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December 12, 2011

‘Fun to drive again’ – GT86 review

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Written by: Goran Has
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Fun to drive again   GT86 review

, a relatively affordable sports car that was penned, in partnership with ‘s owner Fuji Heavy Industries, to help revive the battered brand.

Driving the car on the rain-soaked track, at the base of cloud-covered Mount Fuji, is a treacherous affair, in spite of its light weight and low center of gravity.

When driven hard around the Formula 1 track’s tight bends, the rear-wheel powered car delivers more than enough kick to make it a precarious experience.

It is also exhilarating, and it is this feeling of excitement rather than the ‘s overall performance that sets out the path for all Toyota’s future models to follow.

The – or simply or “” as it is known here in – is there to hint at how the car maker aims to make Toyota’s “fun to drive again”.

“Even cars that are not sports cars bring acceleration and excitement to the people,” Mr Toyoda says.

“If it’s not fun to drive, it’s not a car.”

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