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July 31, 2012

Inside Scoop – The Real Reason behind Toyota’s Tyre Repair Kit Replacement and their Internal Position

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Inside Scoop   The Real Reason behind Toyotas Tyre Repair Kit Replacement and their Internal Position
Hey Guys
Sorry been away for a week or so
Re the spare tyre issue!!!
I have had lots of complaints from customers re this and if we all make enough noise they may change it back.
As i told One Customer “its out of our control and nothing we can do” as a dealer we are not benefiting from this!!!!
Apparantley this has been done for 2 Main reasons
1. Speed up supply as it streamlines Production with EURO MODEL (no Spare Tyre)
2. Increased Boot space
and 3rdly it will reduce overall weight in the car
Personally i would have liked to see them put a Space saver in (but we have no say what the factory does)!!!!
As for getting ripped off??? would not be doing this as a Money save!!! No point
Hopefully if everyone yells and screams enough they might change it back!!! (they do listen sometimes but the cogs take a long time to turn)

The following has been submitted to us anonymously by a Toyota Employee. The following three points seem far more belivable and honest in their message than the ones given by Toyota in their official response as detailed in our story here. Reason one seems very fair, and many would be far more accepting of the situation if it was outlined and they knew that they may be getting their car sooner due to this change. Point two is also valid but probably not a big deal for most people, since this is a sports car afterall. I still think that point three is too trivial, and those looking to put their car on a strict diet can simply leave the spare at home, before going on a track event. We are glad to hear that Toyota did not make the change to cut costs. Perhaps in the future they will consult the community before making spec changes to see what their customers prefer. We also agree that a space saver tyre would have been a better compromise. Thank you for reading and as always please join and participate in our community forums.

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