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July 8, 2012

Subaru BRZ Australian Pricing Date Announced

Subaru BRZ Australian Pricing Date Announced

Following on from our previous story we have received official information sent by a dealership to our member MickeyB as described below. It lists the official date when information on the Pricing of the will be released by along with other details of the specifications and costs of options. Please participate in our forums and post any updates that you may receive. Tomorrow is Monday the 9th of July and a number of dealerships may have a BRZ demo in stock that you will be able to drive and see. Please post any or videos that you may take in our forum and let us know your impressions and comparisons with the . For further details of our thread please follow this link and this link.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for contacting Subaru Australia.

I would like to advise that there will be a press release for the BRZ on the 16th July 2012, this will reveal pricing and other specifications.

Subaru Australia will be able to provide further information effective 17th July regarding pricing, specifications and availability. At present we have limited information and can only provide the brochure attached this email.

In addition, the below website will have further updates on the BRZ effective the dates above:

Once again thank you for contacting Subaru Australia.

Kindest Regards,


Customer Relations Representative
Subaru (Aust) Pty Limited


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