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June 27, 2012

Subaru BRZ demo models available from 9th of July and pricing to be similar to the Toyota 86 (updated)

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Written by: Goran Has
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Subaru BRZ demo models available from 9th of July and pricing to be similar to the Toyota 86 (updated)

According to a post on our forum, the Australian dealers will be receiving their demo models from 9th of July. The source has revealed that the waiting list is not too long and that it may only take 3-4 months to receive one from the date of your order. The word on the pricing is that it is expected to be comparable to the and that the leather seats will be optional. Please share your thoughts and comments and do let us know if you will be ordering a BRZ in preference to the 86 and what your reasons may be.

Some brand new and cool aussie have been shared by our forum members which you can see in this thread.

UPDATE: From the correspondence between our forum member Brad and a Subaru Dealer

Asked the dealer about expected and when stock would be in.

- Expected Prices: Toyota has put the best foot forward – there is no guarantee what’s happening until Subaru releases the specs on 13th July (they have kept the info very tight), but our headquarters has promised the BRZ would have “a very different – and very competitive pricing”

- How soon will we have stock, and how much of it: First badge of the 300 vehicles have been sold out which are due to arrive in July – we are into September delivery now if we were to order one, and stocks are limited – mind you the Gunma Factory in the outskirts of Tokyo is the only factory to produce all the + Subaru BRZ for the entire world, and they can only produce one car every 97 seconds.

Asked the dealer about accessories and Satnav, as the he provided(above) didn’t seem to have many. Subaru have quoted elsewhere that they will ONLY be selling a high-spec model(
-Source-), with optional extras. 

The vehicle shown was a pre-production car driven down from Sydney by our regional manager, and we are expecting Sat Nav on the production model just like the 86 GTS.

We haven’t got any specifications, pricing or accessories confirmed yet at this stage. The wholesale date is 15th July and I shall have more information closer to the date, and I will keep you posted next week when I get more information.


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