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July 12, 2012

Subaru BRZ Pricing (Leaked)(Updated)

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Subaru BRZ Pricing (Leaked)(Updated)

Following on from our previous storydetailing the available options as confirmed by dealers and an official brochure we have just had confirmation from one of the dealers to our member Nikki Mullet.

  • Premium (standard + leather/heated seats) manual $350 drive away
  • Premium (standard + leather/heated seats) auto $41230 drive away

Here is a recap of all the scoops that have been posted in the last few hours in our forum.

Nikki Mullet: just got a call re – Premium (standard + leather/heated seats) manual $38650 drive away, auto $41230 drive away. However they will not place an order without $3000 deposit. I have been told my order will not be placed until I pay the balance – directive from Subaru head office. This is to stop dealers placing orders without buyers apparently. I’m keen, so I will pay the balance, but told them I wasn’t impressed
little_beast: Just went to Denlo Subaru and was shown a pricing for a “manual with leather” driveaway price of $38,900. As far as the sales rep is concerned, its only the leather that can be optioned but he could be wrong since he does not even have the brochure.
MonkeyPants:Got a call from my dealer this morning saying he had a new brochure for me. Also at the dealer principal meeting yesterday, the price is expected to be around $37k. They also have a delivery invoice for a BRZ, and expect it to be delivered by early next week. I’m out of town now, but when I get back, I’ll pick up the brochure and see what other information I can gather from them.
crystal-Pete: So, it’s looking like the BRZ, if optioned up to have all of the same gear as the GTS, will be more expensive in comparison. A lot probably depends on how much they want for the optional Sat/Nav head unit.
Nujee86: so its a little cheaper to buy the subaru outright in the auto version+ leather (missing things such as navigation unit and floor mats). the 86 comes to $42,166.30 + dealer costs. This is $41,230.00 drive away……am i reading this right? if yes- then choices choices!!!

To recap the following options are available for the :

  • Leather/alcantara seats
  • Heated seats (Driver and Front Passanger)

To recap again the following are available for the Subaru BRZ:

  • Carpet Mat Set
  • Navigation UNit
  • Fuel Lid Garnish
  • Rear Under Diffuser
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Step Panel
  • Rear Park Assist
  • Front Corner Assist
  • Boot / Spare Wheel Carpet Mat
  • Reverse Camera
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Rear Bumper Aplique

We are still eagerly awaiting to get exact pricing for each one of those. Thank you and please follow the information closely in our forum thread here.


MonkeyPants: I was told yesterday that of the 200 BRZs brought in, there are still around 80 available for sale. Also that Subaru won’t be allocating set numbers of cars to dealers like is doing. Instead, when you go in to order one, your salesman will basically give you the option to choose any unsold BRZ in Aus. So you pretty much get to choose from a national ‘pool’ of BRZs. Sounds a LOT simpler than having to call all of the dealers yourself.
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