Toyota 86

May 23, 2012

Toyota 86 Australian price estimations revealed (Wheels Magazine)

Toyota 86 Australian price estimations revealed (Wheels Magazine)

According to the June 2012 issue of Australian automotive magazine Wheels, the Premium will see a $4,000 price increase over the Base Spec . They are also estimating a $38,000 starting price. Looking at the above, and our previously reported story that the new would undercut the Golf GTI with a base price of Price $38,990, their estimates seem very reasonable.

Calculating from these we get:

Base Manual $38,000 ($41,000 Drive Away)
Base Automatic $40,000 ($43,000 Drive Away)
Premium Manual $42,000 ($45,000 Drive Away)
Premium Automatic $44,000 ($47,000 Drive Away)

The drive away prices may be slightly different based on the dealership, though, it is just an estimate.

I wonder if the Australian dealers will budge at all on rice with the initial shipments. Somehow though, an extra 1-2k might not be such a bad compromise for the bragging rights of being one of the first to own these, iconic sports cars. It is amazing the amount of buzz and excitement that has already generated online over these vehicles.

Editor’s Note: We have been informed that the base model will be called the 86GT and the premium model the 86GTS.

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