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May 23, 2012

Toyota 86 to not come with a LSD on any Australian models (speculative)

Toyota 86 to not come with a LSD on any Australian models (speculative)

It appears according to the latest magazine review, that the will not see a standard on any of the models.

Wheels are claiming that the and Spoiler will be a part of an additional option pack.

I hope Toyota have not stuffed this up. The absence of a standard on most models is a BIG mistake.

Editor’s Note: However, this seems unlikely as this has not been observed on any international models, and does not confirm with current speculative specs for the . We do not think that the cost savings would be there by excluding a LSD. All will be revealed when the car is officially released on the 6th of June. We do remember hearing roumors that the Spoiler and additional would be optional.

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a Toyota Delaer in our forum:

7/05/12 Update 2 – Aero Body Kit:

We just found out last week from Toyota Australia that the Aero Body Kit is not a standard feature of the GTS as we thought it would be. It is a factory option that can only be fitted on the production line meaning that all pre-ordered GTS models that have not specifically been ordered with the kit will most likely need to be re-ordered or in some cases the vehicle will need to be a fresh build incorporating the kit. No pricing has been released for the Aero Body Kit as yet but we were told to expect it to be roughly $2000-$3,000.

I also asked our Toyota Australia rep whether it is possible to order just a rear spoiler and I was told it is not possible to order any pieces of the Aero Kit as a separate item, nor is it possible to obtain the kit as a whole or piecemeal as an accessory – meaning it cannot be fitted by a dealer. Most likely this would only be a replacement part in the event of an accident and then would still need to be supplied as a complete kit.

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