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July 13, 2012

Toyota 86 Australian Delivery Delays and Dates Explained

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyota 86 Australian Delivery Delays and Dates Explained

We have had an anonymous Salesman give us inside insight into the current delivery delays and the efforts that has made to ensure that as many customers get their cars as soon as possible. As always there is room for improvement, but it is great to see that everyone is working together to get the best outcome for us (the customers). Thank you for reading and please leave your feedback in the comments area below and join our friendly forum community here.

Estimated delivery dates

Hey Guys & Gals,
I am a sales rep for a Toyota dealer but wish to remain anonymous. We just had 4 GTS manuals ordered out of sept build bumped to October build no guarantee they will all be built in october so October build will be bumped to november and will snowball. Problem is aus only gets a limited number of GTS manuals so they will be allocated to dealers 1 at a time in order of orders placed:  Eg dealer A has 3 on order he will get 1 allocated then dealer B will get one and so on if there are any left dealer A will get a 2nd one. From what I have been told GTS manuals could be 18 months unless Toyota Aus can negotiate with to get more we are only getting 2-3 86′s per month of all models and we are a middle weight syd metro dealer.
The production mix is approx 60% GTS 40% GT then 70% Manual 30% auto. Trust me it’s frustrating for us as dealers as we are spending more time test driving and showing 86′s than anything else. Basically we have been told To take a fully refundable deposit for test drives if you ordered a car prior to June 20 you may see it by the end of this year as our build cycle is normally 3 months in advance.
Hope this clears the air a little?
Chances are you may get a GT or an Auto earlier. Feel free to ask any questions and I will endeavor to do my best to awnser them. We are taking deposits and placing the order as soon as the customer signs contracts.

Taking deposits for test drives is pretty normal in the motorbike industry. It just weeds out the time wasters and tyre kickers. If a customer is serious about buying one we tell them they can leave a$500 deposit to test drive the car and if they don’t like the way the car drives it will be fully refunded on return if test drives. Please understand that as a sales rep we earn our money when the customer drives out on a new car. We have lots of other cars to sell and customers to look after and the 86 is taking up too much of our time considering we only get 2-3 per month and we sell approx 140 cars a month in the whole range it becomes very un-motivating selling a car we won’t see for 12 months and the grief we get from customers saying the wait is too long and our hands are tied because we have no control over supply. To give you an example; I had a guy come in wanting to buy one, he came in with 4 friends and they ALL just wanted to drive it as well my wife ordered her Black GTS manual in April and hers is arriving in September and even shes starting to annoy me LOL!!!!

Further from another dealer about Toyota Austalia doing their best to convice Toyota Japan to allocate more cars for :

We are basically telling people Upto March for GT man/auto and GTS auto Possibly July 2013 for GTS MANUAL. Our Toyota rep has told us that TMCA (Toy AUS) is trying very hard to negotaite with Japan to get More GTS manuals but this will not take effect till at least Dec / Jan build if it does happen.
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