Toyota 86

June 1, 2012

Toyota 86 may not be sold out after all

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Written by: Goran Has
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Toyota 86 may not be sold out after all

Recent articles that the cars are all gone for months to come by Top Gear and Drive magazines have stirred up strong reaction from the enthusiast communities across the web. Information given to us by sources close to Australia have told us there are cars still available.

See some of the comments from US based (Aussie section) on the subject:

I work at a Toyota dealership (admittedly only a technician) and I can confirm that not all 86′s are sold. Some don’t even have a deposit on them. If TMCA say the first shipment are accounted for, it only means they are “sold” to dealerships. The dealership still have to sell the cars to a customer! And of course TopGear wouldn’t know the price any more than the rest of us untill June 4…

- Jonny Rochester from Tasmania

Cracks me up how they say the car is sold out without having actually sold 1 car yet, 400 pre-orders doesn’t = 400 sales. Sale without RRP is illegal. So actually none of these cars are sold yet.

- JFC from East Coast

i called 4 dealership in the last few days, and they can all assure me that they will be able to get a car in the launch month but the color can not be guaranteed and for some strange reason they all have 1 car left. I can understand this but i was under the impression the wait is a minimum 3 months. Plus everyone is waiting on pricing to confirm the contract and if the pricing does not meet their expectations there will be more stock. failing to understand the hype with the sold out article. I only booked a car not long ago ( last 2 weeks) and i have been assured that i can get one next month.

- os86 from Melbourne

It is highly unlikely that all cars will be sold out as the official Toyota 86 price hasn’t been released yet, and should it be higher than anticipated some of the car buyers who have put in a deposit might simply drop out of race. If you wish to know if the car is sold out or not, why not the dealers direct? Start with & and find out.

If you wish to rant about this news, why not join the best Australian and start a thread here!

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