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July 25, 2012

Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community

The removal of the Full Size spare from GT and GTS Australian models has caused a huge reaction from many who have ordered and are looking to order a car that has almost overnight become a modern classic. As previously reported by us here the change was announced via an official TMCA bulletin. For the details of that story please click here. After getting rave reviews from media around the world and nothing but absolute praise for brining back affordable sports cars to the masses for a reason unbeknown to us Toyota decided to cheapen the product without offering any discount or compensation to the buyers, despite there being no change in AUD to YEN exchange rate. Interestingly with the are continuing to offer a full sizes spare.

The mainly negative reactions has sparked numerous articles around the web and currently has the longest thread in our forums which you can view here. This website and the reaction from the users has also been mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald. We also ran a poll in the forum and you can view the results of the poll here:

Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community

Looking at the above around 75% of Toyota’s customers are not happy and a whooping 56% are Strongly dissatisfed with Toyota for their decision. It is very suprising that they went ahead with this change and upset such a large percentage of their customers who have all purchased what is easily Toyota’s Hero car and has brought many back to the brand and their other models. There is a huge hope in the community that due to the negative publicity and direct feedback from many customers in this forum, that Toyota would feel obliged to overturn their decision, and at the very least fulfill the full sized spare for all those that signed their contracts before the announcement. Many have gone beyond just posting on our forum, and have also posted on Toyota’s official facebook page, Emailed Toyota and personally phoned TMCA as well as their local dealerships. Further there have been extended discussions about the legality of this change and many have voiced their desire to report Toyota to the departmend of fair trading, ACCC as well as popular shows such as the current affair.

The of the tyre repair kit kindly provided by forum member The Stig, which can apparently be purchased for under $100 on ebay are below. Please note that in addition to the tyre repair kit it appears that Toyota will also be adding a boot liner as confirmed by a forum member that was contacted by Toyota about the delivery of his

gt86yo: My Manual GT Red is confirmed for September build, awesome can’t wait, however is not coming with the spare wheel. It will be coming with a boot liner though. I know many people are saying they will cancel their order and stuff like that(bit extreme i think, each to their own) but personally i was going to take it out to save weight and have never had a situation i need one, or for that matter a car with a spare. The thing i will miss is the rubber mat, i thought it would be practical. Counting down now till mid October till my baby gets here and i can go Mt Dandy, Black Spur, Great ocean Rd and make the most of what is an amazing car.

Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community

Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community

There has been no official response from Toyota as yet. Here are some recent positive and negative Reactions from Various forum members regarding the issue. Please feel free to add your comments:

Burge1971: I have got my feedback from my dealer. As far as they are concerned this is the official line from Toyota. Spare tyre and boot liner will be removed and replaced with a spare tyre kit.. So we will get a plane boot ,bare/primed metal, possibly painted boot and a spare tyre kit…
Well I have my complaint into Fair trading (NSW) ..

I am now also pricing a space saver wheel.. Sydney roads are the worst. I haven’t had 1 puncture in the last 8 years , but have had replace 5 tyres , because of potholes.

No tyre repair kit will fix this… So now we are up for $$$$$ for tow trucks…

I didn’t think I was purchasing a kit car , that I have to buy extra parts to get a complete car…Ohh what a feeling…………..

Toy86a: Obviously if given the choice everyone would prefer the full size spare or at least a space saver which seems would have been the better option (in my opinion).

The people threatening to cancel their orders due to this change I think are taking their emotions abit too far, are you buying the car for a spare wheel or are you buying the car for what it is? An awesome example of a rear wheel drive sports car that doesnt look like your suffering from a mid life crisis AND to top it off about $30K. Canceling the order will only push other happy customers eg. ME up the waiting list!!

Personally I agree and DO think the tyre repair kits are crap, I would have much rathered a space saver (boot mat sits flush). So we have people unhappy about the boot not being flush with the full sized spare, and people unhappy about a tyre repair kit. Im sure whoever wants a proper spare will find a way to get a spare wheel and tyre in there. If that means spending a few hundred dollars to get a crappy wheel and tyre in there to use IN CASE OF EMERGENCY before you can fix your proper one then so be it, I for one will be doing just that (more than likely a space saver). I understand why some of you are cracking it about this but then on the other hand I don’t..

You’ve then got people stating they want to be compensated or price of the spare wheel and tyre deducted from their final sale price or they will cancel order, I’d be more than happy to pay the extra $500 for whoever no longer wants their car, send me a pm lol.. (ill take anyones white gts manual)

Lets hope TMCA makes some sort of change or option to rectify this for the really unhappy customers, otherwise I have a feeling I’m going to be getting mine a whole lot sooner than expected Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community


Originally Posted by primetime Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community
Many thanks to nujee86, so I guess this means that so far as the car complies with Australian vehicle safety standards, Toyota’s basically free to downgrade the car as they see fit? I’m looking at possibility of the GTS being downgraded to “non-GTS” model at the same RRP!

Hey Mate,

Not quite “as they see fit” but more so they can make changes to the equipment, including reducing it and limit their liability until the point where it cannot be excluded by the law- e.g removing brakes so you use your hands to slow donw Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community. Unless its something drastic that alters the purpose for which the car was originally advertised…..its a grey area.

Having said that, its important people understand that what the argument is NOT about the perceived cost/benefit analysis of a space saver or spare wheel as opposed to a repair kit. What this debate is about is more on the principle of service and the premise of original offering- i.e. some people (including me) hold the spare wheel thing as an important attribute when buying a car- so the level of comfort that comes with it being in the car or not is a big issue for me.

However some might not care eitherway and this isnt an issue for them. But this does not change the fact that the original offering included the spare wheel and the offering became an agreement between TMCA and the Individual on the basis of the equipment offered. Whilst they (TMCA) can remove the equipment without notice- it does sour the client-business relationship and for this reason- I reccomend to get everything in writting from here on in.

So if you are ordering anything (not just the car) make sure that all the variables that are important to you are specified individually and explicitly in the contract so that it is enforceable or at the very least, you can back out if conditions turn unfavourable.

Best of luck to everyone that is stuck in this situation but please, consider the situation calmly before you cancel the order- your car is still a few months away- cool down, look for options and do not cancel unless you have received and OFFICIAL response from the dealer/ TMCA that does nto satisfy you. You might cancel in haste only to find the situation could have been rectified. Toyota may have jumped the gund with their ill thought out move, but lets not make the same mistake and cancel the order just to ‘teach’ them a lesson.

Originally Posted by primetime Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community
Many thanks to nujee86, so I guess this means that so far as the car complies with Australian vehicle safety standards, Toyota’s basically free to downgrade the car as they see fit? I’m looking at possibility of the GTS being downgraded to “non-GTS” model at the same RRP!

Guys its a funny one, however that being said, we should not underestimate the power of the customer voice. I am not saying that toyota will get away scotch free….all i am saying is that its not a contract breach and at the very most is a breach of code of conduct. There is one other thing though- and this is a little harder to prove-

My wife pointed out that if you ‘asked’ thje dealer that it comes with a spare wheel and they said yes (which they would have at that point in time)- and you then signed the contract on this (and some other basis) well its a verbal contract then. However, she was quick to point out that verbal contract are hard to prove in the court of law and in this case the claim would be against the dealer who is actually not at fault at this stage. So the whilst the binding of a verbal contract is debatable, you guys are welcome to try it.

Its funny even though i havent ordered the car, i feel ripped off, so i can appreciate how you guys feel. I am so sorry there is nothing concrete I could point too with my investigation but rest assured I will be doing my bit by raising hell over this with TMCA.


Originally Posted by RZ86 Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community
Ok, is this really such a huge deal? It’s just a spare tire. How often does a space saver tire get used? I have honestly been considering just taking mine out and getting a flat boot liner.A $500 spare tire shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when looking to buy the 86. In the end, it really does not matter… it’s just a spare tire. A lot of sports cars don’t even come with a spare tire, most of them just come with the tire repair kit.Just my 2c, but I really don’t think it’s a huge deal guys. The car is worth every dollar Toyota are asking, even without a spare tire.

I believe you have missed the point made by the majority of replies to this thread. It’s not about a deleted spare wheel, it’s about signing a contract to purchase x and then being expected to take delivery of y when x is worth over $1,000 (for the GTS) more than y. It’s not about the TMCA decision to delete the spare wheel, it’s about the proposed implementation of that decision and how it will impact a group of customers who have yet to receive the goods they have legally committed to purchase.

To the above mentioned group of customers this is a “huge deal” if for no other reason that this arbitrary change to the product’s specification in regard to its implementation may turn out to be illegal. When the feedback from the ACCC and Office of Fair Trading comes back the matter will be settled one way or another.

One could argue that we have jumped the gun based on an internal memo which has yet to be publicly confirmed. But history tells us that it is often best to attempt to nip these things in the bud. Hopefully the negative publicity generated by this endeavour will have some influence on how TMCA handles this situation going forward regardless of their rights as defined by the legal fine print.


Originally Posted by JMTMCA Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community
This doesn’t bother me at all, I haven’t had a puncture in 20 years and I’m buying different alloys anyway. So I’ll have 4 spares if anyone wants one!

You could have 5 spare to sell instead of 4 JMTMCA

Thank you for reading and we will update you with any official response that we may receive from Toyota.

Toyota 86 Repair Kit Pics & Customer Reactions from Community





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