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October 12, 2012

Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Rough Idle, Stalling Engine Solution Found

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Rough Idle, Stalling Engine Solution Found

A small number of our members as well as enthusiasts from abroad have reported that their 86s and BRZs had rough idling and sounded like the engine was missfireing. A number of them would have to depress the accelerator pedal to stop the car from stalling / turning off whilst idling.

Numerous theories to why this may be happening have been discussed across the forums ranging from the fuel used to variable camshafts and various sensor faults. It is a relief to find out that the issue can be fixed with a simple ECU flash (as reported by Subaru ). Toyota is also caliming that the issue may need an ECU replacement depending on when the problem was diagnosed.

As quoted by our forum member Boney:
It’s interesting and strange to see that Toyota are claiming the first 100 miles has an effect on the ECU output for the life of the car. Are Toyota recommending a run in period for cars sold here in ?

I couldn’t find any reference to a run in period in the manual for my , nor was it mentioned by the dealer when I picked up the car. Surely people wanting to take their car to the track wouldn’t be happy to know that they might not be getting the best performance and would have got better performance by driving hard straight out of the dealer.

We have not yet had an official response from TMCA but expect them to announce an official Bulletin where the issue would be dealt with for the owners that are experiencing it. One would imagine that the fix is already in place for the new cars that are arriving from factory.

This issue will surely bring back confidence in those that had doubts in this engine due to it being such a new design. The only other prevelant issue remaining to be fixed is that of a churping sound that some are experiencing that is suspected to be related to the water pump. However the churping sound does not appear to be affecting the performance of functioning of the car in any way.

Please continue to discuss this issue in our forum thread here.

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