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August 16, 2013

Toyota Australia posts a fun Q&A session with Tada San on Youtube

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyota Australia posts a fun Q&A session with Tada San on Youtube

has posted a fun where Australian fans asked Tada San a number of questions. We recommend that you Please watch this entertaining and humorous of the Lead Engineer and creator of the 86. (scroll to the bottom of the article for the video)

Below is a recital of all the questions covered in the interview:

Q: Would you ever go back to working on minivans now that you have created one of the most popular sports cars in decades? (by Peter Russell)
A: What do you mean. I can’t understand what you are saying. Sports car is the most fun job in the word.
Q: You’ve obviously created one of your dreams in creating the 86. What sort of project would you like to work on next? (By Daniel Grilli)
A: I want to keep close communication with the world of 86 fans forever. That is my dream.
Q: Why no turbo or supercharger (By Dan Bowman)
A: I get so many questions about this. You know, it’s a fundamental concept of 86 is no turbo, no all-wheel drive and not dependant on tyre. If we used a turbocharged engine for 86, weight would be increased. That makes 86, I think something boring. You can’t get the so really light feeling!
Q: When you were deciding on which car to make a successor, what made you choose the 86 as opposed to more popular and highly demanded models such as the Celica, ? (By Tim Grulke)
A: So , AE86 was actually middle position sports car of Toyota, and it’s really popular in the world and therefore i decided to use original legend of AE86 first. So, maybe next model it’s a possibility I can use a Celica or Supra Legend.
Q: Smarties or M&Ms? (By Malcolm Smith)
A: Of course..Smarties!
Q: When will you bring back Supra? (By Murray Yee)
A: Yeah, I get so many questions about this! Now, with Toyota starting (investigating) about several types of sports car, Supra also one of really strong candidates. Please be patient.
Q: What’s next for the 86? (By tseorugi)
A: More driving fun! We’ve already started many upgrade investigations.
Q: Thank you for this absolutely perfect car my only question is when can we see what you’re working on next!? (By Mel Anthony)
A: Next car should be more fun! Therefore, we’re doing our Team’s best. Please be patient.
Q: Can I please have an autograph? (By Mark Tavares)
A: No Problem (Tada San Signs Camera)

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