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August 16, 2013

Toyota Australia posts a fun Q&A session with Tada San on Youtube

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyota Australia posts a fun Q&A session with Tada San on Youtube

has posted a fun where Australian fans asked Tada San a number of questions. We recommend that you Please watch this entertaining and humorous of the Lead Engineer and creator of the . (scroll to the bottom of the article for the )

Below is a recital of all the questions covered in the interview:

Q: Would you ever go back to working on minivans now that you have created one of the most popular sports cars in decades? (by Peter Russell)
A: What do you mean. I can’t understand what you are saying. Sports car is the most fun job in the word.
Q: You’ve obviously created one of your dreams in creating the 86. What sort of project would you like to work on next? (By Daniel Grilli)
A: I want to keep close communication with the world of 86 fans forever. That is my dream.
Q: Why no turbo or supercharger (By Dan Bowman)
A: I get so many questions about this. You know, it’s a fundamental concept of 86 is no turbo, no all-wheel drive and not dependant on tyre. If we used a turbocharged engine for 86, weight would be increased. That makes 86, I think something boring. You can’t get the so really light feeling!
Q: When you were deciding on which car to make a successor, what made you choose the 86 as opposed to more popular and highly demanded models such as the Celica, ? (By Tim Grulke)
A: So , AE86 was actually middle position sports car of Toyota, and it’s really popular in the world and therefore i decided to use original legend of AE86 first. So, maybe next model it’s a possibility I can use a Celica or Supra Legend.
Q: Smarties or M&Ms? (By Malcolm Smith)
A: Of course..Smarties!
Q: When will you bring back Supra? (By Murray Yee)
A: Yeah, I get so many questions about this! Now, with Toyota starting (investigating) about several types of sports car, Supra also one of really strong candidates. Please be patient.
Q: What’s next for the 86? (By tseorugi)
A: More driving fun! We’ve already started many upgrade investigations.
Q: Thank you for this absolutely perfect car my only question is when can we see what you’re working on next!? (By Mel Anthony)
A: Next car should be more fun! Therefore, we’re doing our Team’s best. Please be patient.
Q: Can I please have an autograph? (By Mark Tavares)
A: No Problem (Tada San Signs Camera)

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