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March 19, 2012

Toyota GT86 to land in China soon

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Written by: Goran Has
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Toyota GT86 to land in China soon

The is ’s new halo car without actually following the halo concept, instead of being a top of the range car which has V’s coupled with turbos coupled with expensive running bills that only website operators lottery winners, captains of industry and football stars can afford to run, the GT86 is apparently going to give the man with a substantial tool collection the opportunity to strip down his car and understand the fundamentals before putting it all back together again with certain tweaks, whether or not the Chinese automotive tweaker takes to modifying his GT86 himself is another issue all together, the Chinese automotive consumer tends to shy away from DIY and is more of a Do It For Me market which of course happens in a country where labor is still relatively cheap.

Chinese media are guessing the GT86 will have its China premier at the Beijing Auto Show in April and should be on the market towards the end of the year with a price tag of inside 300,000RMB ($47,000USD) which might put it out of the reach of the average man that wants to take his sports car to pieces.

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