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July 31, 2012

Toyota’s Official Letter Regarding the Replacement of a Full Size Spare with a Tyre Repair Kit

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Written by: Oliver Trako
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Toyotas Official Letter Regarding the Replacement of a Full Size Spare with a Tyre Repair Kit

The below official email was sent to one of our member Hatchie in reply to an enquiry that they made to about the removal of the full size spare tyre and its replacement with a tyre repair kit. To be fair some of the points that they have in the email are really so trivial that they just seem like poor excuses.

  • Point one with more boot space is slightly valid. Although 6L of boot space is tiny, and in a sports car boot space is rarely a priority.
  • Point two is valid and having flat boot space would make adding larger items easier.
  • Point three is not at all valid, we simply do not see how items would get damaged by resting against a rubber floor cover of a rubber tyre, if anything they are more secure resting against that than firm plastics.
  • Point four is only valid momenteraily (until you have to try and get the tyre repaired) and not against sidewall damage, which can easily happen in Sydney for example due to our poor roads and large amounts of pot holes that appear after a rainy day. If you got sidewall damage, you would have to get the car towed, pure and simple.
  • Point five is too trivial as 6kg is a tiny amount of weight, as is point six in terms of fuel consumption for the very same reason.
  • Point seven has some validity, however this is not a prius so it probably does not hit home with sports car buyers.

We also have some futher scoop that was submited to us by an anonymous Toyota Employee that we will publish in a seperate story, explaining the real reasons behind Toyota’s decicision. We think the compromise that people would have accepted more kindly is a space saver tyre, which saves space, but has none of the risky negatives associated with a tyre repair kit. None the less we presonally hope that this embarassing issue for Toyota passes over and dies down, as it really has left such a negative vibe on what has been one of the most exciting cars in many years for Toyota and enthusiasts across the board. Yes everyone is sick of hearing about this issue. Looking forward to your comments.


Thank you for your recent email received by the Toyota Customer Experience Centre.

Toyota has made a specification change to the sports car, replacing the full-size spare tyre and wheel with a tyre repair kit, effective from September 2012 production. While the initial vehicles released in Australia did have a full size spare-wheel-and-tyre combination, this inclusion intruded into the car’s luggage area, restricting the storage volume and flexibility of the compact boot space.

As the is already priced very aggressively, to ensure that it is as affordable to as many people as possible, the specification change does not impact the pricing.
To countermeasure the boot volume restrictions, Toyota has developed a polyurethane mat to be fitted to all cars from September 2012 production. The mat covers the spare wheel well. In addition the new has a tyre repair kit, which incorporates an air compressor, sealant and associated signage, fitted within the wheel well. Tyre repair kits are common in many other vehicles currently in the market.

There are significant benefits through this new initiative, including:
1. More boot space – approximately six litres,
2. The flexibility and convenience of a flat luggage floor,
3. Reduced risk of damage to belongings placed in the boot,
4. Greater convenience – where the tyre is capable of repair by the tyre repair kit
5. A reduction in vehicle weight and small improvement in the power-to-weight ratio contributes to performance characteristics,
6. Lower real-world fuel consumption – due to the weight reduction,
7. Environmental benefits – fewer and tyres will be produced (and recycled).
Toyota believes most sport car buyers will appreciate these advantages and many are likely to be familiar with the sealant used as part of the tyre repair kit.

If you have paid a deposit and do not wish to proceed with the purchase you will need to your dealer about the situation, including your wish for a refund.

Thank you for contacting Toyota Australia and allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Kind Regards,

Customer Experience Consultant
Customer Experience Centre
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

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