Toyota 86

August 31, 2012

Video: Neal Bates talks about the Toyota 86

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Written by: Goran Has
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Video: Neal Bates talks about the Toyota 86

Australian Rally Legend Neal Bates tells us what he thinks about the , see the short chat in a below:

“Look, the 86 is the most magnificent car, it has got incredibly low center of gravity, and it’s got 50:50 weight distribution” Neal Bates told NZ when asked about the 86.

“It’s got the most precise nice steering of any car ever driven, the gear changes amazing, you get this car on the track and it’s just amazing. It is fun to drive it feels so composed on the road.”

“Yeah, it is all about fun, it’s got amazingly comfortable driving position, it feels like you’re in a real sports car, which you are.”

“Not often I rave about cars this much but I actually bought one, that says something [laughs]“

Neal Bates puts the 86 through its paces on launch day at Hampton Downs Raceway:

Tell us if you ordered a here. The list is growing each day. If you have ordered a , you can let us know also, here.

Toyota 86 on skid pad:

All videos thanks to Toyota NZ.

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