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May 29, 2012

Waiting list for Toyota 86 coupe, BRZ pre-orders stopped

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Written by: Goran Has
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Akio Toyoda Toyota 86
Waiting list for Toyota 86 coupe, BRZ pre orders stopped

New $40K sports car hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s already sold out for months to come.

’s hotly anticipated new 86 coupe will be launched early next week – but potential buyers may have to wait months to get their hands on one.

The sporty new model is already sold out, with 400 cars accounted for before they even arrive in dealers. contacted a metropolitan dealership and was told buyers should expect a wait of “at least two months, probably more” for the new car.

According to the dealer, the 86 is likely to be offered in two trim levels: the base model GT, with an expected price tag of “about $40,000 – maybe a bit under – on the road”, and the top-end GTS for “about $45,000”.

The GT is expected to be available with 17-inch alloy , a six-speaker stereo with Bluetooth phone and streaming, aluminium pedals and sports seats, while the GTS will be available with leather and alcantara trimmed interior, satnav media system and climate control airconditioning.

Each major dealer has been allocated roughly just two cars a month, while smaller dealers will each get one vehicle for their showroom. The dealer we spoke to said its allocated cars for the next three or four months were already accounted for, and it may have to try and poach more cars from regional dealers. Buyers are already placing pre-orders for the car, with deposits of $1000 being accepted.

Toyota manager of public relations Mike Breen says deposits have been taken “sight unseen, price unknown”.

“People have read a lot about it, and based on what they’ve read they’ve decided that’s the car for them,” Breen says. “The global demand for the car is huge. We expected there’d be a big demand for it. The perfect world for a salesperson is having more orders than you can fill,” he says.

“If you walked into a dealership today and ordered one we’d expect you’d have a two-month wait. That might increase once we launch the car and people get to know more about it,” Breen says.

Meanwhile, the company has lodged a trademark application for the “86 Sprinter” under the category “Motor vehicles, and parts and for motor vehicles”.

Breen says he has heard nothing of this, but it could possibly suggest a stripped out model better suited to buyers wishing to use the car for , or a line of parts for the car in the long-term future. The name also harks back to the AE86 Sprinter – a two-door coupe from the 1980s that is seen as the spiritual successor to the new 86.

The 86’s twin product, ’s BRZ coupe, is also in hot demand – so much so that the company has stopped taking pre-orders so buyers don’t become disillusioned by a potentially lengthy wait, according to Australia public relations manager David Rowley.

“We were taking pre-orders for the car, but we’ve now stopped taking pre-orders for it,” Rowley says. “Because we’re going to be strictly limited on availability, we took the decision not to take anymore pre-orders because we didn’t want customers to be left waiting for any great length of time.

“We still don’t have a definite launch date yet but it will be in the third quarter,” Rowley says. “Some people have put down deposits and that’s without pricing having been announced. The first pre-order was a couple of months ago, and we want to be realistic and don’t want to cause undue frustration for buyers.”

The 86 and the BRZ were co-developed by Toyota and . Both are powered by a 2.0-litre direct injection four-cylinder horizontally opposed “boxer” engine that produces 147kW of power and 205Nm of torque, with power sent to the rear wheels via six-speed manual or automatic transmission (the latter of which is expected to cost at least $1000 more).

A convertible version of the 86 – aimed straight at Mazda’s MX-5 drop-top – is also expected to follow within two to three years.

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