All About the Best Sports Cars in America


The history began as a sports car racing constructor and has had numerous successes at circuits around the world. The fastest “Saline S7” in the U.S. commercial car is active in the “Le Mans Series” and “FIA GT Championship”.

As a manufacturer responsible for Ford’s racing division and production of high-performance models, Saline manufactures the Ford GT, and Mustang’s high-performance Slain Mustang S281 series is sold at Ford dealers across the United States.

It is a limited edition mustang with a 3-year unlimited mileage guarantee from company dealers nationwide.
Introducing the “Saline S281” series “Mustang Pony Package” “Mustang California Special” “Eleanor GT500E” “Shelby GT500” etc. Various specifications such as body color of 10 colors, MT / AT, coupe/convertible, etc. can be selected.

Hennessy Performance, a tuning maker in Texas that holds the fastest record in the US
We manufacture tuning and performance parts for European supercars such as Ferrari, Bentley, Bugatti and other American supercars such as Dodge Viper, Chrysler SRT8 series and Ford GT, including the complete car “Hennessy Venom 1000” boasting 1000 HP.

Unique Performance Inc. which manufactures Shelby GT500E Eleanor GT350SR and Chip fuss brand complete cars we also manufacture Carol Shelby-certified CSX series Shelby cobras.
It is a real Shelby Cobra officially listed in the Shelby American Registry, with the serial number stamped on the frame with a serial number from the CSX number at the time.

Vintage Sports Car 

We perform custom modify restoration, mainly on the production and sale of “HI-TECH Vintage American sports Car” equipped with the latest model components on the latest vintage models.

NEW sports CAR sales

The model of latest SUV models such as “Lincoln Navigator”, “Hummer H3”, “Cadillac Escalade”, “Chevrolet Suburban”, “Chevrolet”, “GMC Yukon”, “Ford GT”, “Dodge Viper”, “Corvette C6 Z06” We will deliver high-performance models such as “Dodge Magnum SRT8” and other attractive models companies from the United States 3 year warranty on all vehicles.

The best sports Cars

All blue cars improved are convert into sports cars are provided with the best road race service 24 hours a day and will deliver peace of mind.

Parts of all sports cars

Directly imported from sports car companies, a regular distributor of sports cars Industry will show your sports car parts, genuine GM Ford Chrysler parts, and the latest trendy dress-up custom performance parts in the United States.

All sports cars are the best for the race and all about these sports car drivers that how they can drive these sports cars.

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