The Choose Best Auto Buying Service a New Way to Buy Pre-Owned Cars


The Auto Buying Service helps busy people find and finance Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned cars at deep discounts over conventional auto dealers. Proprietary processes and technology find, inspect, negotiate and deliver high-quality pre-owned vehicles at great prices every day. Here are just a couple of ways we are different from both dealers, auto brokers, and other car buying services:

No used car lots

You don’t pay for a lot overhead and you are not restricted to the vehicles on the lot. Instead, you send qualified inspectors, test drivers, and negotiators out to buy your car for you!

Set Markup

No haggling over price. We apply a standard markup based on your vehicle’s wholesale price. You save $ thousands over Kelly Blue Book pricing. But, that doesn’t mean we skip. There are six layers of buyer protection from extended warranties to buy-back guarantees.

No Auto Loan Markup

Unlike lot-based dealers, we never markup the lender-approved interest rate. You’ll save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by comparing lender offers side by side.

Take a look at some of the other things that make The Auto Buying Service unique. We think you’ll agree it’s a great way to save money when buying a pre-owned car!

Get immediate access to the widest selection of cars!

With 23 million used autos sold in the U.S. each year, we’ve had to get pretty sophisticated to find the best ones. While the source used to find your vehicle varies based on make/model, year and state, our top sources include:

  • Corporate Fleets
  • “Captive” Finance Companies
  • Banks and Independent Auto Finance Companies
  • Rental Fleets
  • Franchise and Independent Dealerships
  • Vehicle Wholesalers

Read about each of these sources in detail including the types of cars supplied by each. We think you’ll agree no dealer or car buying service can match our reach!

Unprecedented levels of buyer protection!

Buying a used car should not be risky. That is why The Auto Buying Service has introduced levels of buyer protection ensuring the quality of your vehicle and the quality of your buying experience. Buyer protections available on every vehicle include:

  • Refundable deposit
  • Redundant vehicle inspections
  • Dealer limited warranty backed by A+ rated insurer
  • Optional extended service and GAP contracts
  • Contract cancellation option
  • Low price guarantee

Read more about these important industry-leading auto buyer protections because buying a used car should be fun, not risky!

Most cars don’t make our Pre-Owned Auto Program…

To qualify for The Auto Buying Service Pre-Owned Auto Program a vehicle must:

Pass tough screening criteria including being less than seven (7) model years old and having less than 80,000 miles. No vehicles with title defects, odometer defects or frame damage are considered.

Pass our 100-point inspection covering all the major systems and components.

Include a post-sale warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty is expired, we’ll provide a 3 month / 3, 0000-mile limited warranty… free of charge.

Get the full details on this industry-leading pre-owned vehicle program.

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