All Sports Cars Are for Have Fun Always


The best Sports cars are low and lightweight – and should be two-seaters. They are designed to provide drivers with fun – especially when driving around twisty roads.

Sports cars have been made for 100 years, and most early racing cars were really sports cars. Today, some sports cars have fixed roofs and even room for two small people in the back.

Here, we concentrate only on sports cars, giving you the best information and guidance on choosing one. If you need advice, just ask. But how do we define sports cars?

Sports cars are usually two-seater convertibles. The best aren’t shortened sedans that have two seats but are built on their own short special-purpose underbodies or frames. The BMW Z4, Honda S-2000, Lotus Elise, Mercedes-Benz SLK and Porsche Boaster are good examples of modern sports cars.

Sports cars have been an important part of the motoring scene for a century. Famous makers of sports cars include Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Jaguar – now in the supercar class – and Porsche. Alfa Romeo and Mercedes-Benz have also made a number of fabulous sports cars over the years.

Brilliant sports cars from Cater to ham, Honda, Lotus, and Porsche

Some of these sports cars are produced by very small firms, and in some cases, you have to do some of the assembly work yourself. Lotus is a small company that has produced some brilliant sports cars in the past, including the Seven, Eleven, Elam, Elite and Europa – and it still does so. There are many other small companies, especially in Britain, producing small numbers of sports cars and kit cars.

Among these British sports cars are the Cater hams, which are modernized versions of the Lotus Seven, and Morgan’s and West fields. Like Cater ham and Westfield, Elfin in Australia and Dunker overt in The Netherlands make high-performance sports cars of the classic type with exposed wheels.

What sets sports cars apart is their low center of gravity, lightweight, and small size. These features give them the acceleration you expect in a sports car, and good cornering, handling, and braking. They are usually fairly inexpensive compared with supercars. In fact, some like the Cater ham CSR provide supercar performance – but no-frills, just plain thrills. Completing a long journey in one of these cars is exciting and demanding. In the end, you have a real sense of achievement.

Unlike a supercar, a sports car can have quite modest performance so long as it is a two-seater – or two plus two children – and is fun to drive. Engines can be from 1.0 to 5 liters – bigger than that if the car is any good it will be a supercar. Acceleration of a sports car should be better than a sedan, but these cars score mostly in cornering, braking, and handling.

The Mazda Miata (MX-5 in Europe, Euros Roadster in Japan) is a small sports car that is fun to drive, as is the more Spartan Lotus Elise, which is a good deal faster and handles better, the Honda S-2000 and the Porsche Boaster. In fact, any car on this site is a real sports car and it will be fun to drive. If you’re looking for a fast, fun car, consider a sports car and start here.

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