The History of Semi Trucks and Work as an Employe in Semi Truck


The first semi-truck was invented in 1898 by Alexander Winton. The idea for this invention came to him after he invented the car and began making sales in different parts of the country. He wanted to invent a way to deliver the cars that he had sold without adding mileage to the vehicles.

Mr. Winton invented a cart to attach to the back of the pulling car for his deliveries, thus inventing the very first semi-truck. There were other inventors to expand the vision of Alexander Winton’s and making semi-trucks what we see today traveling up and down our highways. Some credit belongs to August Charles Fruehauf, the founder of Fruehauf Trailer Company.

His inspiration was inspired in 1914 by someone needing to haul a boat. He invented a trailer that could haul a boat and be hitched to the back of a Ford. The trailer was such and hit he began to manufacture the trailers to haul lumber. The invention of the diesel engine and the big demand on the railroads during WWI led to even more expansion on the semi-trucks.

There was regular use of semi-trucks by 1917 over four hundred thousand in use by 1924. When roadways were improved, the distance a semi-truck could travel expanded. Semi-trucks went from four wheels to eighteen wheels with three axels. Today, there are over three million truck drivers transporting over six hundred thousand tons of goods in North America.

Become Self Employed By Purchasing A Semi Truck

Purchasing a semi-truck is one way to become self-employed. These vehicles are used to transport cargo; many different choices are available for these vehicles. The types of trailers to choose from include options such as refrigeration, heated or pressurized trailers that are used to transport material such as natural gas.

When choosing semi-truck employment you will need a CDL driver’s license, you will need to know the rules and regulations for the truck you will be driving. Additional testing may be required if you will be driving hazardous material and a road test will need to be completed. When owning your own truck you are leasing yourself to a company that needs your services to transport their cargo. Drivers are paid per mile or a percent of the load carried.

As an independent contractor, you will purchase your own gasoline, insurance and maintain your truck. Do a self-assessment in deciding this for your career choice. Are you able to drive your truck at any time during the month or do you have family obligations that could prevent you from driving at certain times? Health concerns could be an issue, make sure you are physically able to do this type of work.

Health insurance can be expensive when you have to purchase it out of your pocket, confirm you are able to afford it. If you intend to buy your own semi-truck determine that this career choice is one you will enjoy for a long time.

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