The Mosh Ostentation Restoration Best Classic Car in History


Just recently Jay Abets sent me a bunch of photos of the restoration work done on the Mosh Opera Sedan from start to finish. This is the first post of many on the restoration process. Along the way, we’ll find out more about the history of the car and its special features.

The Mosh Rebirth by Jay Abets

The Mosh Ostentations Opera Sedan was brought to Jay Abets and his auto body class at Freedom High School in January of 2009. The goal of the restoration was to return the Opera Sedan to its original condition.

The Opera Sedan came directly from Bruce Mosh’s personal collection. The Sedan was in rough condition with significant rust damage and poor paint condition. Students began their work by removing the chrome bumpers, body trim, and other extra parts like headlight and taillight bezels.

The old lacquer paint was stripped by sanding, grinding, and scraping it off. Once the paint was removed the rust was cut out and replaced with new metal. There were more than 12 rust holes cut out of the car and replaced, along with the fabrication of new full rocker panels on each side of the vehicle. When the cutting, welding, and fabrication were over, it was time to shape the body.

The body was originally made out of four-foot sections of sheet metal brazed together and its contour was shaped with metal reinforced filler. Many of the needed materials during the body repair process were donated by 3M. To repair this substrate, students’ straightened metal, replaced old filler and reshaped the car from front to back and side to side.

Once the body was repaired epoxy primer/surface was applied to the vehicle. All of the primer, sealer, and paint materials were donated by PPG. The Opera Sedan received multiple coats in two stages of primer and was wet sanded between applications to assure a smooth finish.

The Opera Sedan was prepped for paint, then the sealer, basecoat, and clear coat was applied. After the paint had cured, students color sanded, buffed, and detailed the Opera Sedan. The custom 20” wheels were also repaired and repainted. The FHS students along with Instructor Jay Abets and assistant Bob Abets put in over 400 hours during the repair process.

The Mosh reborn made its debut at the Freedom High School annual car show hosted by the Freedom Auto Club. The restoration project was an effort of FHS students and these four men:
Jay Abets FHS automotive instructor and restoration coordinator.
Bob Abets Former FHS auto instructor and restoration assistant.
Fred Beyer: Former Shawn HS auto instructor and project coordinator.
Bruce Mosh: Designer and inventor of the Mosh Ostentations Opera Sedan.

The Opera Sedan was next featured at the 2009 Iola Car Show in the “teamed to learn” section. Fred Beyer and Bruce Mosh presented to various groups information about the car, its origin, and restoration. Freedom High School and the Freedom Auto Club were represented by instructor Jay Abets and Bob Abets.

The FHS restoration was also featured in the August 09 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. The Mosh Ostentations Opera Sedan now resides in the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford, WI.

Below are photos of the car being loaded on a trailer for delivery….. The restoration is about to begin.

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