Stay Ahead of the Pack With Selling Buying Source Focused for Your Auto


According to a study by the Darnell Institute, “It takes more than 5 contacts to make a sale.” However, 48% of all salespeople give up after the first contact and 90% quit after the fourth attempt (just a step or so from success). Those 10% who go on to make the extra contacts are making 80% of all sales With Sale and buy Source; you can be in this top ten percent 100% of the time!!

Sale and buy Source’s time-proven contact process enables you to stay in touch with every prospect and every client with a pre-planned series of strategies that work!

Sale Source is a turnkey Marketing Campaign & Sales Management System that promises to get you there when the customer is ready to buy.

You provide the leads and Sale and buy Source does the rest. Sale and buy Source come with pre-existing strategies for marketing to existing customers and to brand new auto for new sales and buy add-on sales, and referral sales.

To stand out from the competition, you have to create and maintain lots of relationships and do so in a manner that makes prospects/customers feel that you care about them more than the competition. Why? Because most people make their buying decisions based on who they like and how they are treated. This is particularly true when dealing with professional services.

Most of us don’t have the capabilities to determine which Architect, Attorney, Real Estate or Insurance Broker is going to do the best job. So we make this decision primarily on relationship-based factors. Sale and buy Source’s marketing strategies help you develop relationships, maintain relationships and turn relationships into sales opportunities.

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Sale and buy Source was created and designed by people with years of Sales and Marketing experience Including Sales Trainers Sales Managers Top Salespeople the users of previous versions of Sale and buy Source and suggestions from users of other systems over a period of 20 plus years. You can go from haphazard marketing processes to a consistent and professional process that works in just one day!

Management Advantages:

Total control of the sales and buying process and sales and buy person activities!

Increased Producer Activity!

No prospect ever lost!

Exception reporting system – you need only respond to actions not taken. Find out sooner, rather than later, if a producer is going to make it. You do not lose what has been worked on when a producer leaves. Simply assign to a new producer and the process continues!

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