Where to Find a Retailer to Sell Your Auto


One of the myriad challenges for any new auto businessman, whether he’s selling survival food or car parts, is to find a way to get the product to the target market. Some of them can open up a shop, but this doesn’t always work well with the type of business in mind.

Some products should be distributed in as wide an area as possible, to help boost awareness of its existence and because selling it locally just won’t work very well.

This means that the first person that the new businessman should sell to isn’t a customer, but another businessman. There is the introduction of a middleman, of sorts, in that the product isn’t sold to the public directly, but through a retailer.

Selling to a retailer this does tend to be problematic, particularly because not everyone understands why they should try and sell their product to a company like Target. It isn’t as if these businesses have lots and lots of branches – Target alone has about 1,500 different stores – that will usually order about half a dozen items per store.

That translates to thousands of sales right out of the gate, with no promotion work on the part of the businessman himself apart from the effort it took to convince the retailer to carry it. Of course, this doesn’t factor in how different the process is for convincing a retailer to carry a product.

One of the tricks to selling to retailers would be to attend trade shows. Every retailer has someone attending these shows, scouting them out to see if there’s anything their chain wants to carry. However, remember that the smaller the show, the less likely one of the major retailers will have someone there.

The bigger ones are harder to get into, but offer the best chances of being spotted. There are also specialized trade shows that are set up to link retailers with manufacturers, though these can be very costly.

Getting the product and the name in industry publications is also a good way to get attention. Again, retailers will have people reading up on these to get an idea of what might be good to look into. Being in a favorable article is a good way to attract attention.

There is also the option of trying to sell online or on TV. Sometimes, retailers will check out what products are selling in places like the Home Shopping Network. They do this because of the potential mass-market appeal, which means that it will move if it’s stocked on actual shelves instead of on auto.

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